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By the time this post goes live I should be the proud owner of a new Peloton bike. I know, I know. It's a very pandemic trendy purchase but I have my reasons for joining their famous community.




Okay, first of all, as a fitness instructor I was working out for 10+ hours a week. I was also running about 12 miles a week in addition to that. Lots of activity that came to somewhat of a screeching halt once I became a virtual school teacher's aid married to an essential worker. The amount of time that I could dedicate to my level of training decreased dramatically. 
Second, I have chatted with and coached so many women that use the bike and app for their workouts and they love it. I have also witnessed women get fantastic results when they are consistent riders. I need that in my life. My body needs a way to get all the cardio it is use to without leaving my house. 


 peloton bike


Lastly, I am a group fitness girl and I really like the idea of working out with women I know virtually. I can still engage with them and root them on. That is highly motivating for me. 
I put the bike on my Christmas list and my personal Santa did not disappoint. My original delivery date did get rescheduled but that has been the only hiccup so far. I have been impatiently waiting for my bike ever since.




To help ease the pain of my wait I decided to get a few things to make my delivery day special. I ordered a cute red two piece on Amazon, a leaderboard name decal and some milestone stickers from Etsy.
I also created a planner sheet to help me plan classes each week. It'll be an easy way for me to stay organized and it will cut down on my scroll time when it's time to workout. You can download a copy of my template by clicking on the photo below.


free spin class planner template


I was originally planning to get a NordicTrack treadmill but the reviews lately had me a little shook. I plan to revisit that purchase once they are offering white glove delivery again. Which could be years from now. And I'm cool with that. 
Do you have a cardio machine at home? If not, which one would you choose?

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