How to beat Gym Culture

So, you've set a goal for the new year and you're ready to start working towards it. You get a gym membership, new sneakers and cute activewear and you head in for your first workout. When you arrive at the gym you start to feel a little insecure about all the people you see. Everyone "looks" to be in better shape and they are "killing" it. You feel as if everyone can tell you're new around here. Slowly but surely you begin to feel intimidated and overwhelmed and before you know it you're back at home.

Gym culture. The wrong glance, the snatch of a towel or a not so friendly "Hey, I got next on this machine" can send even the most regular gym goer into a bad place. How will you ever get started if the people are being people all wrong?

Here's how to beat gym culture and kill your next workout...

gym culture_

    1. Know you belong
    2. Ask for a tour or help
    3. Get a Gym Buddy
    4. Start with classes - Take advantage of the classes held at your gym!
    5. Work your way to the floor - Go out to the floor after attending a class for a few minutes. Lengthen your time with each visit until you're comfortable.

It's all about you - Don't let strangers keep you from doing what's best for you. Keep your goals and desired results at the forefront of your mind.                                                                                  

Remember, feeling like the new girl at the gym is very temporary. If you keep going you'll become a regular. Don't forget what we've discussed here.          

Now that you're a regular...

  1. Make space in the sauna when you see a new face and always offer a helpful tip or smile to the new woman you see trying out something for the first time. Your generosity could be the reason she keeps trying and doesn't give up.

    Here's to the new year, seeing past gym culture and focusing on what you came to the gym to do!

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