2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide is for anyone that would like to have a little fitness underneath their Christmas tree.

Fitness Gift Guide


I have spent a lot of time this year trying out new products. Doing this has helped me pass time at home and it has also helped me discover new things that I can no longer live without. Some of these items have been absolute game changers. 
Enjoy my list. Check it twice. Buy all the things whether you've been naughty or nice.
Every single thing that I have made from this cookbook has been delicious. The ingredients are simple. The flavors are big. The meals cook up in minutes. I could go on and on. My favorite meal from the book (so far) has to be the Black Pepper Steak. I swapped the steak for tofu and broccoli once and it made the Chinese takeout lover in me very happy. Buy a copy for yourself and for the cooks in your life that need really good simple food made quickly.


Ankle weights have enhanced my workouts this year. They add a little something extra to core and leg work. I use them in mat style classes like Pilates and sometimes I wear them while cleaning to give my legs a little resistance throughout the day. These are nice to have if sculpting a beautiful leg is on your goal list.
I got into jumping rope this year. It was a little tough at first but once I found my groove I was hooked. Jumping rope is a quick way to torch a ton of calories. This jump rope is not weighted. I recommend using a non weighted rope to build your jump. Once you've got the swing of things move on to a weighted rope.
I ordered these leggings on Prime Day. I wish I had ordered more of them. The fit is fantastic. They don't move around while I'm working out and there is no see through issues either. In my opinion, they run true to size but you could probably size up one size and be okay if you're worried about the fit. For $18, if you don't like them for workouts just wear them while runnings errands for that cute effortless athleisure look we have all embraced.
Let me tell you something. These are like little pieces of crunchy sushi in a bag. The tempura texture is perfect and the flavor is jam packed. They are spicy enough to give you a good taste but not so spicy that you can't eat the whole bag. Ya know, if eating the whole bag is your thing. At 90 calories per serving you could technically eat the whole bag and it would be no big deal. The sodium in these is pretty decent too. Get your snack life with these and thank me later.
This gallon size water bottle with timely motivational phrases has been so clutch for me this year. It helped me take my water intake (in my Fat Joe voice)  all the way up. The handle makes it easy to tote around and the straw makes sipping throughout the day a breeze. This bottle comes in a million colors and any one of them will turn you into a hydrated queen.
I originally purchased these headphones as Christmas gifts for my kids last year. Of course, I got myself a pair for workouts. Game. Changer. The fit is right. The volume gives me the bass I need and they have synced just fine to my phone and watch. Love. Love. Love. These are so good that when I stumbled across a lightening deal one day I bought two more pairs just to have as backups. A must-have.
That's it for 2020! These are the items that have made this year doable. I plan to share more of the items that I use at home for workouts. You'll be able to find that info here and on my Instagram.
*This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission on any purchase made through these links. Thank you for supporting my business.

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